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Finale: "My Museum"

(8 bar intro)


Won't you come to my museum?

Won't you come to my museum?

The journey has been long

And I thought that I might fail

Now, won't you come to my museum?

I felt like giving up

When I couldn't stand the pain

But friends came and reminded me

How sunshine follows rain.

Things have fallen into place

Gonna be a special day

And now there's just one final phrase

That I need to say...

Come and roll up...

Come and roll up...

Come and roll up!

(faster intro to "Come and roll up." As song continues cast enter and take their bows)


There's things in here,

Which only live in your mind.

So if you enter in,

Be sure to keep it open

I've wandered far and wide

To fascinate and thrill.

At my marvellous, astounding

Stupendous new museum.

Come and roll up,

Come and roll up,

It's the best so take a peep.

There's things so strange

You'll not have seen them

When you dream in bed asleep.

So when you're next in town

Just come on down,

You'll find a welcome here.

At Reuben Whizzbanger's

Magic, Museum.

(visitors gradually arrive and join in singing-

sing 6 times in total. Getting faster. Finish with...


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