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Wellerman Leavers (based on Wellerman)

This school's a place I love to be

It is the world's best Primary

Maths and English, Science, PE

But now it's time to go (HEY!)

Now that the time has come

To say goodbye to ev'ryone

One day soon when school is done

We'll take our leave and go

Our journey started long ago

We were so small but soon we'll grow

Bringing things from home to show

Early years were fun (HEY!)


In keystage one we learned to write

Reading books 'til late at night

Then we learned our left and right

Keystone one was great (HEY!)


In keystage two we worked all day

COVID kept us all away

We worked online, no time to play

Not much time to go (HEY!)


And as we had off to High School

Our time here has just been so cool!

We tried to follow every rule

Now it's time to go (HEY!)

Chorus x2

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