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"In Summer"As sung by OLAF THE SNOWMAN from "FROZEN"

(In 4/4 time. 4 bar piano Intro)


Bees will buzz,

Kids'll blow dandelion fuzz

And I'll be doing whatever snow does,

In Summer

A drink in my hand,

My snow up against the burning sand

Probably getting gorgeously tanned,

In Summer.

I'll finally see a summer breeze

Blow away a winter storm

And find out what happens to solid water

When it gets warm!

And I can't wait to see

What my buddies all think of me.

Just imagine how much cooler I'll be, 

In Summer!

Dah dah doo

Uh bah bah bah

bah bah woo


The hot and the cold are both so intense

Put them together it just makes sense


Rrr Raht da daht

dah dah dah

dah dah doo


Winter's a good time to

Stay in and cuddle

Put me in Summer and I'll be a...




Oh the sky will be blue,

And you guys will be there too...

When I finally do what frozen things do

In Summer! 

(4 bar instrumental)

(ALL: Repeat song)

Kristoff spoken: I'm gonna tell him!

Anna spoken: Don't you dare!


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