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"Be Back Soon" by Lionel Bart

(4/4 time. 4 bar intro)


You can go, 

But be back soon

You can go,

But while you're working.

This place,

I'm pacing round...

Until you're home,

...Safe and sound 


Fare thee well, 

But be back soon

Who can tell

Where danger's lurking?

Do not forget this tune

Be back soon.



How could we forget

How could we let

Our dear old Fagin worry?

We love him so.

We'll come back home

In, oh, such a great big hurry 


It's him that pays the piper. 


It's us that calls the tune 

So long, fare thee well

Pip! Pip! Cheerio!

We'll be back soon! 

(REPEAT: All singing.)

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