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Song 11: "All Good Things (finale reprise)"

(sung by All)

We've been holding onto something

As it slips away

We've been fighting this so long

For oh so many days

It was a battle worth us fighting

And we thought we must retreat

Never dreamed we might be losing

And we thought they'd got us beat.

And the curtain may be falling

As we make out final stand

Let us roll the dice just one more time

Who knows how they might land?

Though we stand up strong to face the music

Our wills they will not bend

Reality is dawning on us...

All good things...come to an end

repeat with all singing, then...

All good things come to an end

All good things come to an end

We worked so hard

We built this show

The future lies before us now

And still we will stay friends

'Cos all good things...come to an end.

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