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9. Crocodile!

SPOKEN: Crocodile!!! Crocodile!!!!

Look at that crocodile in the Nile!


When you walk along the banks of the river

Keep away from the side.
A moonlit stroll might seem a good idea

But in the dark they like to hide
Don’t put your foot on that floating log
I have a feeling, have a hunch
It might look harmless but watch your step

He’s sizing you up for lunch!


But we only want to eat...

Gotta do something to survive.
Do you know how hard it is?...

To keep reptiles of our size alive?


Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh! oh, oh, oh oh, OH!

(ALL) Crocodile!

       (CROCS) Open up our jaws...see our gleaming teeth!

(ALL) Crocodile!!

       (CROCS) Gonna snap them shut...pull you down beneath! (ALL) Crocodile!!!

       (CROCS) Don’t try to swim away...admit it’s a fair cop!

(ALL) Crocodile!!!!

        (CROCS) It’s time to say your prayers...

(The crocodiles close in on the children for the kill...)


(1 bar pause)


I sense that something isn’t right,

A strange force stopping our attack.

I sense the one the prophecy foretold

With the power to hold us back!


The Crocodile Pharaoh...

The Crocodile Pharaoh...

The Crocodile Pharaoh’s here!


We were waiting for the Crocodile Pharaoh

And In our hearts we knew.
The Crocodile Pharaoh wouldn’t let us down

The prophecy’s come true!

During the last chorus the crocodiles lift up the boat and then lead them around the stage and then back to safety. The crocodiles move to the side of the stage. The children are centerstage and the whole cast (all except Bebnum and Menkhat) assemble in a semicircle around the back of the stage)

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