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"The Stage is Mine"

Cat: When I was just a young girl my mother said to me
“You’ll never be a big star if you’re shy...
Cringing in the corner, while you wait to perform.
Stagelights make you wanna curl up and die!”

So just ignore what they’re saying
And hold your head high,
You’re learning to play the game.
Keep on dancing and a singing
‘til you get to the top.
Don’t stop until the lights all scream your name.”

But now I’m here.
The stage is mine.
I’m the one who calls the shots,
And if that’s not fine
Then you’re fired (bang! bang!)
You’d better get out (yeah!)
‘Cos I’m in charge here now

So I left home at sixteen and I followed the lights,
They led me here and here I stayed.
I’ve worked so hard and climbed the ladder right to the top
And still I always seem so underpaid!

So ignore all the poverty and hold your head high
Still learning to play the game
I’ve kept dancing and a’singing, now I’ve got to the top
I won’t stop until the lights all scream my name


Chorus (key change)

(last time)...In charge here NOW!

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