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(4/4 time. 4 bar intro)


I have seen sights that would shock you

I have wandered the streets after dark

Seen poor children asleep in the gutters

Huddled together for warmth in the park.

I have been down to the docklands

Down where few of you would dare to tread

See the children asleep in the barrels

Shivering cold, no roof overhead

(chorus all)

We did not know this, 

we have not seen this

This is a shocking state!

Where are these children? 

We have not seen them,

We don't stay out so late.

We must  do something about it

But what? we do not know.

This is so monstrous, this is so evil

Tell us what we can do!


I have met children like skeletons

Skin and bone and festering sores

I have seen the looks on their faces

Haunted, hunted, a look that implores

That's why I tell you about them

So you can share some of the blame

All I need is money to help them

Gather them in from the cold and the pain.

(chorus all)

Oh yes we'll help you, your words have touched us

We know what we must do.

We feel so guilty about these children

We know what we must do.

We'll help mister barnardo

We'll try hard to help you.

We'll give some money,

though we don't have much

We'll give what we can to you

We'll give what we can to you.

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